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Pay with your Moneyvault® Debit Mastercard®.

Enjoy access to your account balance 24/7. Make purchases or get cash wherever Mastercard® is accepted.

GBP and EUR Account

Open a GBP and EUR account in minutes using your mobile app, with no credit checks

No hidden fees

No hidden fees, no surprises with the Moneyvault® app and Online Service

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Use your face or fingerprint. Or prefer a passcode? That's fine

Master your money

View transactions and sort your spending by category


The Easier Way To Pay

Online shopping, bill payments or everyday purchases made easy.

Easy to manage online and via the app. Make payments and control your balance via Moneyvault® mobile app, and your online account with web application. Monitor your balance and spending and keep track of your daily card locally and abroad. Choose and update your preferences whenever you want.

Enjoy easy access to your funds no matter where you are. Enjoy access to your account balance 24/7. Make purchases or get cash wherever Mastercard® is accepted.

Stay in control of your finances with our prepaid Mastercard® – the flexible payment solution that lets you pay for services and products in-store and online at millions of locations worldwide. Your prepaid Mastercard® works just like any other payment card. The difference is you spend or withdraw the amount loaded or prepaid onto a card and no more.

A virtual prepaid Mastercard® is comparable to a normal prepaid Mastercard® but you don’t get the physical plastic. Your virtual prepaid MasterCard is provided to you via our online portal with the following information:

* 16-digit card number
* Validity date
* CVV2 code
* Name on the card

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Attractive Deals

We are constantly adding our exclusive offers to Moneyvault® , so life is always exciting for our users.

Moneyvault® Monthly Fees
GBP is coming soon

A simple, straightforward and transparent pricing with no hidden fees.



Starter plan with all the basics included

  • Virtual card issue fee: €2.50
  • Card Purchase: €1.00+2.00%
  • Card Purchase FX fee: 2%



Everything you need

  • Virtual card issue fee: Free
  • Card Purchase: €0.70+1.75%
  • Card Purchase FX fee: 2%

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Moneyvault® Security

Device Access

You can rest assured that our app is safe and secure. To prevent the possibility of anyone else from gaining control of your Moneyvault® account from another location -your account can be accessed from a single device only.

Moneyvault® Passcode

An app passcode can ensure the app is only accessible to the entitled user and that the user identity is maintained over time. To optimise the user experience - FaceID and TouchID are implemented as a layer above the PIN code.

Debit Card Lock

Lock your Moneyvault® debit card with just a few clicks on your smartphone. Locking your debit card will prevent transactions until you unlock it. This won’t prevent automatic bill payments or scheduled transfers from occurring.

Staying Safe Online

Moneyvault® is fully supportive of the ‘Take Five’ campaign being run by Financial Fraud Action UK and the five rules designed to keep you and your account safe and secure.