About Moneyvault®

Moneyvault™ is a trading name of Jefferson & Bennett Group Ltd.

The mobile-only service provides accounts in Pounds sterling, Euros and US dollars, and is available in countries across the UK and European Economic Area (EEA).

It has no branches, making it completely mobile and incredibly attractive to those wanting a streamlined, modern method of managing their money.

The secure mobile app brings all the usual features you'd expect from a current account, therefore can be used as your main bank account or a supplementary one.

The service also provides international currency transfers, with no hidden charges. The exchange rates are fair, tracking the base rates published at the time of transfer, but there is a service fee depending on the type of account used.

In addition to the standard and premium current accounts, Moneyvault® offers a business account feature which can also be opened instantly via the app. This gives the user access to a business debit card, expense reporting, transaction categorisation, international payments, designed to save you time and money.

Moneyvault® offers three levels of account provision, all costing a different amount each month. Depending on the level of account you hold, you'll be charged different amounts for obtaining a debit card, for using the foreign exchange service and for making withdrawals. Topping up also comes at a different charge depending on which account you've chosen.