Your Moneyvault® Mastercard®

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Enjoy instant access to your card balance 24/7

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Make purchases or get cash wherever Mastercard® is accepted

Prepaid Mastercard®

Stay in control of your finances with our prepaid Mastercard® – the flexible payment solution that lets you pay for services and products in-store and online at millions of locations worldwide. Your prepaid Mastercard® works just like any other payment card. The difference is you spend or withdraw the amount loaded or prepaid onto a card and no more.

There is no credit or overdraft facility, so there is no way to build up debt. And if your card has run out of cash, you are free to top it up once again when you are ready to.

To use a prepaid Moneyvault® Mastercard®, you first need to top up cash onto it with your secure Moneyvault® online account that you can access 24/7.

Virtual Mastercard®

A virtual prepaid Mastercard® is comparable to a normal prepaid Mastercard® but you don’t get the physical plastic. Your virtual prepaid MasterCard is provided to you via our mobile app or online portal with the following information:

* 16-digit card number
* Validity date
* CVV2 code
* Name on the card