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Moneyvault Debit Card limits
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Customer Service

Created: 02/10/2021 5:36 AM - Updated: 02/10/2021 5:44 AM

 The limit outlined below is set for using the Moneyvault Debit Card:

  •  Maximum monthly load limit: EUR 15,000 

We reserve the right to review all customer card transactions and limits. 

Any card that has been consequently found to have exceeded its limit may:

  • Be refunded the difference that exceeds their card limit and the card balance shall then be adjusted accordingly
  • Have their card frozen
  • If found to be suspicious or associated with illegal activity, have their card frozen and account suspended

 If you want to increase your Moneyvault Debit Card limit:

We will require some additional information from you. We need this information to protect your account and comply with banking laws.

You may be required to provide information and documentation regarding source of funds/income and wealth. The appropriate evidence is dependent on where the money has come from e.g. your income/dividends from investment portfolio or sale of property, ect.  You will be informed of what evidence and documents you will need to provide.

If you are expecting to receive or send high value payments, we advise you to let us know and to provide supporting documents prior to the transaction. We will then assess whether the information you have provided is sufficient.

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