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Created: 04/11/2020 3:03 AM - Updated: 04/11/2020 3:04 AM

If you believe there have been instances of misuse on your account, please submit a report by clicking on the available contact channel below and we will investigate the situation. To ensure your enquiry is dealt with as quickly as possible, please include the following information in your email:

  • "Suspected Account Misuse" in the subject line
  • Specific transaction details (time, date, amount, merchant)
  • When was the last time you signed into your account?
  • What was the last transaction you made?
  • What type of transaction was it?
  • What was the amount and currency?
  • Do you share your account details with anyone?

  • Were your account details in the possession of any other individuals that you know of when the transaction was made?

Upon receipt, a Moneyvault Customer Service agent will contact you to confirm that your enquiry has been received and to gather any further information that may be required. If necessary, the Customer Service agent will suspend your account to ensure no further instances of fraud can occur and the suspension will remain in place for the duration of the investigation process.

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